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Reliance Digital - Asli Connection (Film, Social Media)

Brand Film

Problem: The fixation with always on access to content and entertainment, alienates from quality family time.

Insight: One needs to take a break from the digital world to make real connections with loved ones.

Solution: My Asli Connection, a poetic yet provocative narrative that showed the mirror to people against the backdrop of Diwali festivities

Results: Nearly 5M organic views and circulated widely across social media. Featured in Best Ads, Mad Over Marketing, Marketing Mind etc.


Bronze, Best Use of Video for CSR- Afaqs Foxglove Awards, 2020

Case Study Link

A digital film-led campaign for Reliance Digital, powered by social media that eschewed any promotional or sales messaging, but instead nudged people to rekindle their relationship with their loved ones esp. during Diwali as a worthy substitute to their screen fixation. Note: This was done pre-COVID.


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