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Code like a pro. Code with Bitbucket (Digital Integrated Campaign)

Campaign Overview

Problem: Mitigating the low awareness for cloud-based repositories like Bitbucket for software development companies and individual coders. In the face of giants like Github ruling the roost.

Insight: A true-blue coder thrives on consuming everything, be able to code anything. They also want their software to run like that of a pro; without glitches.

Solution: A compelling proposition "Code Like a Pro. Code with Bitbucket". Brought to life through an insightful film that showcased the attitude and workflow of a “rock-star” software engineer. Supported by digital banners with colourful 8-bit visuals and simple, insightful messaging that was the lingua franca of the Indian coder.

Results: The “” campaign over-delivered on every parameter, from clicks to conversions (2.3X over estimates at half the estimated CPC) effectively launching a transformation in the way one of the largest software hubs of the world creates software.


Wrote the script for the film and oversaw the overall creative development of the project.

Case Study Link

A campaign that built preference for Atlassian Bitbucket's coding ecosystem by highlighting its pro-coder features, easy setup, integrations and UI, and the fact that it was free on the cloud. A means to an end- which was all about making the hitherto unsung sofware engineer, a shining star!


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