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Motorola - Flip The Script (ACTION & MUSICAL)

Project type

Through The Line Integrated comprising TVC, Digital Film, Outdoors, Social Media


Co-wrote the scripts and oversaw the creative output above and beyond the films, including other through the line collaterals viz. billboards and social media for pre-launch, launch and sustenance.

To relaunch the iconic Motorola Razr, we needed to to capture style, versatility, speed and seamless user experience that the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra, the new flagship offering had to offer.

Film 1: A high-octane bar fight with the eye on the ultimate prize became the plot to “flip the script” with the razr- an indispensable ally to Kriti Sanon, seen in a flipped avatar, a departure from her oeuvre as a certain “type” of an actor.

Film 2: For its more affordable counterpart, the Motorola Razr 40, Kriti was portrayed as a stylish commuter who flipped the mundane journey of a metro train commute with her razr.

While the films set the tone, the swag permeated other touch points including billboard airport takeovers at Mumbai & Delhi, social media and other digital platforms, to making it the buzziest launch for this iconic phone, in the year.


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