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Welspun SPACES - No Other Like Mother (Social Media, Topical)

Campaign Overview

Objective: Dial up SPACES as a thoughtful and inclusivity brand while subtly highlighting its anti allergen Breathe Easy pillows

Insight: There is an underlying tension between a mother’s unconditional love for her child and her conditioning.

Solution: No Other Like Mother, a Women’s Day campaign which laid bare the tension with empathy for a non-conformist life choice.

Results: 7+ Mn views, polarising chatter on social feeds, Breathe Easy pillows sold out


Finalist, Gender Equity - Maddies, 2019

Case Study Link

As a thoughtful and empathetic brand, home linen brand SPACES wanted to use Mother’s Day to drive home the association between a safe space that lies in the unconditional love of a mother and what the brand stood for- as an inclusive and progressive brand.


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