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Welspun SPACES - Sleep Happily Parted (Digital-Led Product Launch)

Social Media Launch Campaign

Objective: Create buzz about SPACES Matchress - a mattress equally divided into half soft and half firm, a category-first.

Insight: Giving in to the partner’s choice of mattress or settling for middle ground, makes for disturbed sleep and is a cry for help.

Solution: Sleep #HappilyParted, a campaign that highlighted distress caused by an uncomfortable mattress, often makes one feel like an animal out of its habitat.

Results: Reach: ~15 mn, highest VTR ~93%, Influencer Video Views ~3.4mn


Gold, Best Use of Copy, Afaqs Foxglove Awards, 2022
Silver, Best Use of Visuals, Afaqs Foxglove Awards, 2022
Finalist, Best Use of Instagram, IAMAI, 2022

Chief Creative, Copywriter

This was an idea that could have gone horribly wrong if the craft was not upto the mark. Worked closely with 3D specialists and animators to ensure that the animal rendition with facial expressions and body language, was as per visualisation. Also wrote rough outlines for the comedy sketches which were taken forward by the comedy influencers, besides overseeing the entire social media content as well as film supervision.

Case Study Page

Divided in comfort, united by mattress. A quirky digital-first campaign to promote Matchress by SPACES, a unique mattress that's half-soft and half-firm.


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