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SPACES India Parade (Instagram Innovation)

Campaign Overview

Problem: Product catalogues are integral to showcase home decor, but social media formats don’t have obvious tools to provide a catalogue overview at one go.

Insight: IG Stories allow the flexibility to upload 100 instastories at one go, a fact competition or even other brands outside of it, were hitherto unaware of.

Solution: SPACES Instaparade. Made LIVE on Republic Day with an intuitive and engaging walkthrough of the SPACES catalogue with every tap of IG Stories.

Results: 18.5% of Story “tappers” swiped up for the SPACES website, registering a 200% spike in site visits.

Case Study Link

Consideration for home decor is driven by design and range. For SPACES, Instagram was thus a natural fit. The challenge was to get people to explore the range at one go on Instagram, despite the platform limitations of real estate and the clutter within the category on the feed. Thus was born the "SPACES India Parade". Launched on Republic Day using Instastories.


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