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Volkswagen- The YouTube Test Drive (Real Time Response)

Digital led Integrated Campaign

Problem: Get people to undertake test drives to find out how good the Jetta TSI actually was, even if was at a premium compared to others in the segment.

Insight: When it comes to automotive segment esp., buying decisions are hinged on thorough research and getting satisfactory answers to the most random of queries

Solution: Given that the car is all about maximum power and minimum consumption, enthuse viewers to undertake a virtual test drive and thereby create opportunities for real world walk-ins.

Results: 1200% jump in enquiries about the Jetta TSI, over 374K video views.


Amongst the Top Digital Campaigns for 2012 by Afaqs


Oversaw the entire creative development including scripting some of the seeded films, the real time turnaround of scripts for the direct video response towards UGC, the development of the YouTube gadget and social media surround on Twitter and Facebook.

The first-of-its-kind campaign globally which invited users to post any query they had on the Volkswagen Jetta TSI directly on YouTube and receive a near real time personalised video response via a custom YouTube gadget.


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